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I know I am beautiful
Posted By:jasmin On 8/10/2005

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I know I am beautiful, `cause
My beauty comes from within.
I don't need to dress up to kill;
Neither show any of my skin.
What is hidden, remains so
What can't be remains unseen.
I am neither backward nor am I
Suppressed- I am immune to fallin'
Into acts of human disgrace.
What's been labeled freedom-
For me it's a step back in
Time; women were treated
As inferior to men and nothin'
Has changed for the tainted minds. Come
On ladies, show your worth, endin'
Years of society's desperate attempts.
What I said, I stand by it spreadin'
All over the Truth. So, pay an ear to
This, as what's been said is nothin'
But the noble Words of your Lord;
Covering up is one such thing
We, womenfolk, should follow;
It safeguards our honor, keepin'
Corrupted ones away. Alhamdulillah
All praise to Allah, The All- Knowing
One; He created us all as one
And equal human beings.

By Asma Z. Siraj

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