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Why Saddam Was Killed?
Posted By:jasmin On 2/12/2007

Why Saddam Was Killed?

By Ghali Hassan

12 Feburary, 2007

If Western media and Western leaders are telling you that; Iraqis executed President Saddam and that the U.S. had nothing to do with his murder, they lied. This act of murder and violation of International Law are parts of U.S. barbarism in Iraq. The aim is to escalate the violence against the Iraqi people and justify ongoing U.S. Occupation and colonial dictatorship.

Lets be plain clear. Iraq has no sovereign government. Iraq is occupied by more than 200,000 U.S. forces and other foreign mercenaries. The so-called government promoted by the media, is a collection of collaborators and criminals brought into Iraq on the back of U.S. tanks. The purpose of having a puppet government is to provide a cover for the Occupation and looting of Iraqs wealth, and to use it as an instrument for furthering U.S-Israel Zionist ideology. The situation in Iraq today is reminiscent (if not worse) of the Nazis occupation of France and the pro-Nazi Vichy regime that governed France after the Nazi invasion.

Since his surrender to U.S. forces, Saddam has been in U.S. custody. He was continuously humiliated and tortured by his U.S. jailers. Saddam was arbitrary and extrajudicial executed during an Islamic holiday inside the fortified American Zone (Green Zone) by U.S. invaders and pro-Occupation collaborators in violation of Iraqi Constitution and International Human Rights Law. This public murder was sanctioned by the [real] War Criminals. President [George W.] Bush and Prime Minister [Tony] Blair. The entire process was a mockery of justice, no less a Kangaroo Court, said the Hon. Mahatir Mohammed, former Prime Minister of Malaysia.

The trial of Saddam was a U.S.-orchestrated farce. The whole process was very intent on accelerating both the reaching of judgment and the process that culminated in Saddams execution. . It is important to remember that Saddam was on U.S. assassination list for many years, and U.S. aggression against the Iraqi people started with an attempt to assassinate Saddam. As part of the pretext for the illegal criminal invasion, Saddam was demonised in the West unlike the indicted criminal Ariel Sharon who was praised by Western leaders as a man of peace by Western media and Western governments and their agents.

The so-called evidence was a discredited concoction fabricated by Western governments, the media, and Human Rights Watch (HRW). The U.S.-based HRW, which is condemning Palestinians peaceful resistance to Israels terror, fabricated the evidence by paying and coercing Iraqi expatriates, including Kurdish refugees. There is overwhelming evidence to indict Bush and Blair with war crimes, but HRW is not interested. Furthermore, in demonising Saddam, the American Left (an offshoot of Zionism) plays the role of propaganda agents. The Left have unashamedly become the leading propaganda mouthpiece for the Occupation and U.S. terrorism in the Middle East. Their only objection to the American terror in Iraq is that it has failed because of U.S. incompetence. Of course, the Iraqi Resistance to U.S. terrorism never mentioned.

The Iraqi writer and intellectual, Dr Walid al-Zubaydi rightly said; the U.S. wants to drag the Iraqis into what is worse after the failure to carry out the most dangerous conspiracy against the Iraqi people; namely, sectarian sedition according to a U.S. plan that depends on the effects of the psychological war and propaganda that aim at achieving a clearly known objective." He added; the Americans fabricated things to show that the footage was taken stealthily. Everybody knows that the Americans surround the chamber [of execution], and cameras cannot be allowed in. So they invented the idea of using mobile phones although no violations can take place. This is a play designed to foment sedition. Hence, the deliberate lie spread by Western media that Saddam was executed by Sayyed Muqtada al-Sadr and his followers designed to mislead the people and foment civil strife. Therefore, the escalation in violence and the ongoing (covered-up) massacres of innocent Iraqi civilians by U.S. forces and their collaborators in Haditha, Najaf and Sadriyah were not inadvertent, but rather planned in advance.

As a result of premeditated violence against civilians and destruction of towns and villages by U.S. aerial bombardment and ground sweeps, the population forced to flee their homes into refugee camps, U.S. controlled areas and abroad. Refugees International and the United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) reported recently that the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq has forced one out of every eight Iraqis to flee their homes more than 3.7 million people. UNHCR likens the refugee crisis caused by the Occupation and its associated violence as the worst in the Middle East since the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people and the creation of Israel in 1948. "The current exodus is the largest long-term population movement since the displacement of the Palestinians following the creation of Israel in 1948."

Furthermore, the new surge in U.S. troops and attacks on Baghdad by U.S. troops and Iraqi collaborators are planned to destroy the capital and force the population to flee city. The policy is deliberate war crimes against the Iraqi people and aimed at depriving the Iraqi Resistance of public support and protection. It is also designed to terrorise communities, divide them and create sectarian enclaves.

Since the 2003 U.S. aggression against Iraq, nearly a million Iraqis, mostly women and children have been massacred by U.S. forces and their collaborators, and an entire nation of ancient civilisation has been destroyed by the most barbaric force ever seen. All this has not shaken Westerners conscience. Instead, Iraqis are blamed by the West for the violent Occupation, and Muslims living in the West were being labelled as a threat in the same way Jews were labelled by the Nazis.

The aim of the U.S. barbarism in Iraq is the destruction of Iraq and Iraqi society, control of Iraqs wealth and protection of Israels Zionist expansion. Thus, the arbitrary and extrajudicial execution of President Saddam was designed to fuel violence and civil strife, humiliate Muslims and bully smaller nations to submit to U.S. fascist ideology. More importantly, the execution seemed connected with the American desire to divert worlds attention not only from U.S. crimes against the Iraqi people, but also from Israels fascist expansionist policies against the Palestinian people advocated by the U.S. and Western powers.

Finally, the execution of President Saddam was a message to all Muslims, that Western leaders are entitled to violate International Law and civilised norms, invade defenceless nations and kill their leaders and citizens. For the Arabs, this has been a shameful, humiliating surrender to Western terrorism. For decades, the Arabs failed to stand-up to U.S.-Israel aggression and failed to build defence with deterrence capabilities.

The U.S. aggression against the Iraqi people is an act of war crimes and crimes against humanity, an act of naked terrorism. The responsibility of these crimes extends to high levels of U.S. and British military commands and civilian leadership. If International law ignores the war crimes committed by Bush and Blair against the Iraqi people, then its moral bankruptcy is clear.

The powerful criminals may have succeeded in killing Saddam, but they failed to kill an Iraqi who stood up to imperialism and Zionism. Sooner or later, the U.S. will be forced to end its barbarism in Iraq. It is the only solution to a free Iraq and the mass murder of Iraqi civilians.

Ghali Hassan lives in Australia.

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