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Indian Firm Makes Breakthrough in Diabetes Cure
Posted By:Hajas On 3/21/2007

Indian Firm Makes Breakthrough in Diabetes Cure
Shahid Raza Burney, Arab News


PUNE, 14 March 2007 A cure for diabetes is now at hand, according to claims from an Indian Ayurvedic pharmaceutical company. The company, based in the state of Maharashtra , says that it has achieved a breakthrough with a new drug in providing effective treatment and a cure for diabetes.

After ten years of extensive research and successful trials on nearly 600 diabetic patients, researchers at the Shree-Bharadi Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals company unveiled recently the wonder herbal drug Madhusaar. The drug, in powder form, has been introduced in the market recently and has evoked tremendous response. People suffering from Diabetes I and II can both use the herbal drug.

Dr. Gita Pawar, the president of Shree-Bharadi Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals company, said that her company were also pioneers of PINAK, the anti snake venom polyvalent tablets. The company set a first by introducing the anti-snake venom in tablet form. It is not only cost effective compared to the costly allopathic medicine to cure snake bites, but also proved its effectiveness by acting instantly on the snake bite patients.

Speaking about the new drug for diabetes, Dr. Pawar said clinical trials carried out on patients at Satara and at the Sassoon General Hospital in Pune, showed that 70 percent of the patients were cured after consuming Madhusaar for a period of about six months, and 30 percent of the patients, showed marked improvement.

We are not eyeing commercial gains, as our mission and objective is purely humanitarian, said Dr. Pawar, while adding that patients can now for sure say bye bye to diabetes.

Dr. Pawar said, A ray of hope is now seen by patients as the medicine not only reverses the sugar levels to near normal in a diabetes patient but also in the process cures several other ailments caused by diabetes.

Our research has shown that diabetes is a disease of nutritional deficiency. With population explosion taking place, people are attracted toward fast foods (Americans have gone for hybrid variety of food grains) adopted laziness and eat food grains and vegetables grown with chemicals fertilizers. These factors are linked to the rise of diabetes, which has alarmingly grown to epidemic proportions.

Diabetlogists have highlighted the various causes of diabetics in the society and insulin and oral anti-diabetic drugs are available in plenty, but they have proved to be ineffective in curing diabetes, said Dr. Gita Pawar.

Fast food and food grains containing chemicals directly affect the production of insulin or utilization of insulin in body. Madhusaar will reduce nutritional deficiency in body thereby bringing the levels of sugar to near normal levels.

The demand for the herbal drug is astounding. We cannot cope with the demand with the available resources and are in the process of procuring more equipment to step up production, said Dr. Pawar.

The medicine at the moment is available at the companys outlet at shop No. 7, Arnayeshwar Chowk, Opposite Rutrung Society, near Hotel Lokesh, Satara Road , and patients can also contact Dr. Gita Pawar on mobile No. 0091- 9850964452 or 0091-9422039476.

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