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Healing illnesses through mind power
Posted By:Hajas On 4/22/2008

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Healing illnesses through mind power
22 Apr 2008, 0000 hrs IST,TNN


Meditation helps to increase power of the mind (TOI photo) 

In today’s times most of us are facing stress, tension, fears, phobias and diseases.

Everyone wants to know the different ways of healing diseases. But can this be achieved? Yes, it can be achieved.
Our mind, specially the subconscious mind, is a miraculous tool. And we must understand that any disturbance in the mind causes disturbance in the body. So you have understand the mind in order to use the mind to heal illnesses.

Rules you need to follow to heal any illness

Stop talking about your illness.

Don’t gossip with friends, relatives about your illness as when you do that you are stopping yourself from becoming healthy

Stop thinking about your illness

Think, talk, and pretend that you are healthy.

Before visiting a doctor, sit in silence and ask yourself what is it that you need to know, what your illness is teaching you. Our body is constantly talking to us. We just need to listen to it. Whenever anyone is not well, he/she says, "I am not well".

Now when you say I am not well it means it is me who is not well, which results in showing up on your body in the form of illnesses. The root cause of all illnesses is the mind. Our mind has its own language. Our mind can understand through power of words and images. So you need to speak health, think health, feel heath, through affirmations. Affirmations are positive therapeutic commandments (PTC) to programme your mind. For eg: 1) I am healthy 2) I have very high energy level. 3) I realise the need of this condition (illness) 4) I am at peace 5) I forgive everyone.

Meditation should be done for 20 mins morning/evening. By practicing mediation everyday you are actually increasing power of the mind. Research has proved how meditation is beneficial in lowering down your blood pressure, stress, tension and any other illness.

Here’s how simple meditation should be done

Sit comfortably, loosen your body, with complete back rest, not at all a erect spine.

Close your eyes, clasp your fingers, put it on your lap or as you are comfortable.

Chant the word 'shanti' to yourself in your mind.

Count 20-1 backwards very slowly in your mind

Now focus on your breath, let the thoughts come and go.

Don’t try to push thoughts away (many people do that, don’t do that)

Let it come and go, you come back to breathe

Sit for 20 mins, then slowly open your eyes.

Note: Switch off your mobile, door bell, lights before starting meditation. Follow the above steps faithfully, and say in your mind, "I am taking responsibility of my health, I am going to heal myself with the power of my mind." Say this 10 times in your mind and see how your life will start changing miraculously.


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