The Quran is the principal holy book of Islam, which was revealed to Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) by the archangel Gabriel (Jibril) from God. These revelations occurred from A.D. 610 to 632—usually in response to specific circumstances and struggles faced by Muhammad and his followers. Thus it guided the Prophet and his companions step by step toward their exalted goals.

When the revelation of the Qur'an began, Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) clearly proclaimed the Qur'an to be the Word of God. Still more remarkable is the fact that the utterances of the Prophet, whose tongue would recite the Qur'an, bore no resemblance whatsoever to the Qur'an. And further more, he was illiterate!! How can an illiterate person come up with such a rich, poetic, intellectual, and inspiring text that it rocked the entire Arabia? Mohammad (pbuh) never went to school ! No one taught him. He had no teacher of any kind in any subjects. How can he have the knowledge of all the science, astronomy, oceanography, etc that is contained in the Qur'an ?

On reading the Qur'an one is at once convinced that it is the Word of Allah, for no man can write such perfect guidance on so many subjects.

The Holy Qur'an says that no man will be able to forge even a part of it and that no corruption shall touch it from any side. It is a miracle that the Holy Qur'an has remained unchanged and unaltered during all these 1400 years and it shall remain so till the Day of Resurrection, for Allah, has taken it on Himself to protect it.

Only a divine Book could remain preserved for fourteen centuries in a world where the enemies of truth and of Islam are numerous.