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Muslims prepare for 15-hour fast

Posted by Haja Mohideen (Hajas) on 7/5/2013

Muslims prepare for 15-hour fast

Ahmed Shaaban / 5 July 2013

As over 15-hour fasting is predicted this Ramadan, scholars have urged Muslims to be more patient, tolerant and maximise their effort to get closer to Almighty Allah, and be eligible for His mercy and forgiveness.


Sheikh Mahmud, Imam of Al Huda Mosque, said Muslims all over the world are anticipating this month to start a new chapter of life because fasting awakens a new consciousness of a higher life in man, spiritually maintained rather than being supported by just food and drink.

“This is the right time to repent, seek forgiveness for our sins, and change for the better; otherwise, we will be just losers as cited by Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) who has warned us against missing the holy month of Ramadan without having our sins washed away.”

Umm Nada, Egyptian pharmacist, hoped that Almighty Allah would make fasting this Ramadan easier despite the sweltering temperature and humidity. “My family is a little bit worried about the long fasting hours this year, but God will help us all.”

She added that her eight-year-old daughter is learning to fast this Ramadan. “I will do my best to cook and prepare vegetables and fruits filled with much water to all my family members.”

Ramadan moon-sighting committee to meet on July 8

abu dhabi — Dr Hadif bin Jowan Al Dhahiri, Minister of Justice, has issued a decision setting up the Moon-sighting Committee for the holy month of Ramadan in Hijri 1434.

The committee, chaired by the Minister of Justice, includes Sultan Saeed Al Badi, Undersecretary of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, and a number of officials.

The decision called on all Shariah Courts nationwide to detect the crescent moon and inform the committee.

The committee will hold the meeting after Maghreb Prayer on July 8 at the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department. — Wam

Dr Essam Atta, Deputy Director of GMC Hospital, said Muslims are advised to avoid exposure to direct sun rays and drink as much liquids as possible during after breaking the fast. “Otherwise, they may feel exhausted, dizzy and imbalanced, vomit, and suffer headache.”

He added that tea and coffee are not advised, particularly during late hours. “Such diuretics promote the production of urine, and hence the body loses much of the body liquids needed during fasting.”

Imam of Al Rahma Mosque Sheikh Mohammed Saeed said Muslims should be more practical and strictly observe a spiritual agenda of good deeds during Ramadan. “For example, we should perform the five daily prayers in congregation in the mosque; recite, listen and mull over the Holy Quran in full at least once during Ramadan; keep ourselves busy supplicating and saying Zikr (remembrance of Allah); give for charity; exchange visits; attend lectures; and advise others.”

“When fasting, we should all be careful about what we say and do. Muslims are highly advised to close their eyes and ears to anything impermissible and properly use them in a way that pleases our God,” said Sheikh Essam Habib, Imam of Al Rahman Mosque.

Sheikh Yusuf, Imam of Al Radwan Mosque, said fasting makes us more conscious about our behaviour. “Being more mindful for 30 days does help us maintain better habits after Ramadan.”

Echoing the same, Islamic researcher Dr Sheikh Mohammed Ashmawy said true Muslims do not wait for Ramadan to start, but rather get ready during the month of Shaaban (before Ramadan) and humbly ask Allah to keep them alive to better worship Him in Ramadan.

“Fasting is never meant to deprive Muslims of food, beverages and sex. It is rather instructed to help Muslims be more pious, feel the need of others, and get rid of worldly desires to change for the better.”

Imam of Al Isra Mosque Sheikh Tariq said fasting is basically prescribed to Muslims to learn piety and righteousness as clearly stated in the Holy Quran, Chapter 2.

“Fasting provides us with motivation, self-control and firm will to give up bad manners and habits, otherwise such a vital worship will turn futile as affirmed in the prophetic saying: “Whosoever does not give up telling lies or acting in a false manner, Allah has no need for his giving up eating or drinking.”



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