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Credit card gang busted in Dubai

Posted by Haja Mohideen (Hajas) on 9/19/2013 7:23:22 AM

Credit card gang busted in Dubai

Amira Agarib / 19 September 2013

The Dubai Police have arrested a gang which specialised in forgery and fraud on the Internet including forging of credit cards, confirmed Lt-Gen Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, Commander-in-Chief of the Dubai Police.


The police have seized a total of 166 forged credit cards after raiding the flat of the mastermind of the gang, a European national.

Lt-Gen Dhahi Khalfan said, the Dubai Police found that the gang, comprising Arabs and other foreigners, was using advance equipment to forge the cards. The suspects stole the bank information of people by using professional and complicated fraud methods. They then copied the information on the forged credit cards and would buy various items from shopping centres and cooperatives which they would then sell at low price to get cash.

He said the Dubai Police officers have been trained well to tackle cyber crimes, and advanced techniques used by criminals who use modern technology to commit crimes to benefit themselves and others.

The mastermind of the gang revealed that he has been involved in such crimes, hacking information of people and forging credit cards to steal their money, since 2010 and has confessed to having stole about Dh18 million from people’s accounts up till now.

Major-General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Director of the General Department of Criminal Investigation, said that the gang used flats in various parts of Dubai to practice their criminal activities, so the police carefully placed them under surveillance as the gang was extremely cautious and took extra precautions so as to evade arrest. They took preventive measures such as never being all together at one place, staying in different areas  — each one with their own distinct responsibilities.

The gang hid the machines used for the forgery in the flat of the gang’s mastermind who would distribute the forged credit cards to the group and tell each one about his duties.

An Arab suspect, identified as A.S., was responsible for buying prepaid phone cards using forged credit cards from cooperatives. He would then sell the phone cards to supermarkets at low prices with the help of the third and fourth suspects.

Major-General Saeed Al Hajiri, Director of cyber crime investigation department, said the police set trap to arrest the prime suspect while he was distributing credit cards to the second, third and fourth suspects who were arrested red-handed while they were selling prepaid phone cards which they had bought by using the forged credit cards.

The police raided the flats of the suspects and seized large number of forged credit cards and prepaid phone cards as well as equipment used for forging the credit cards.

Al Mansouri said that owners of credit cards will not be aware about their data being stolen and also as they do not frequently review their statements or visit banks, the gang was able to withdraw huge sums of money.

Al Mansouri urged people to call the bank at once if they discovered that somebody used their cards and also to inform the bank if they change their phone numbers to allow banks to alert them about all their transactions. He also said that people should not send their credit cards details to unknown shops if they want to purchase goods via Internet.

On the other hand, the Dubai Police revealed that fraudsters also used forged credit cards to purchase pay traffic fines and government fees as well as buying tickets from airlines.

Major-General Khamis Mattar Al Mazeina, deputy commander-in-chief of the Dubai Police, said that the gangs hunt for customers and trapped them on internet ,they offer them to pay their traffic violations at low price and give them 50 percent discount.

He said that who deal with fraudsters would be penalised. Al Mansouri said that if the government has any offers or discounts this would be announced by concerned authorities such as reduction of traffic fines. He said that the gang get in touch with people via internet or through brokers.

He said that anti electronic crime department of the Dubai police has recorded five cases and still chasing other criminals and who were staying abroad .

He said that the Dubai police e-patrols managed to arrest the brokers and dealers involved with the fraudsters.

Salem bin Salmeen, Director of General Department of e-crimes, said that the police started investigation when banks customers who were abroad found that some one had used their credit cards. He explained there are many ways to steal credit card information, when the customer uses the credit card in restaurants, shops or hotels, the employee either copies his credit card information or uses a website hacked by fraudsters.



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