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Indian to face delay in getting passports for next few weeks.

Posted by Haja Mohideen (Hajas) on 6/20/2014 6:30:01 AM

Indian expatriates to face delay in getting passports

Sajila Saseendran / 20 June 2014

The applicants may be issued only the 64-page passport booklet due to non-availability of ordinary passport for next few weeks. 

Indian expatriates in the UAE seeking to renew their passports till the end of July will face delay or shell out more money for jumbo booklets since the missions here are facing a shortage of ordinary passport booklets.

“Indian nationals residing in the UAE who have applied or are intending to apply for Indian passports are hereby informed that the Embassy of India, Abu Dhabi and the Indian Consulate in Dubai, like all Indian missions, are currently going through a shortage of Passport Booklets of both types, i.e. 36-page Ordinary booklets and 64-page Jumbo booklets,” the Indian Embassy said in a press statement on Thursday.

As a consequence, the mission said, the applicants may face delay in receiving their passports. “The applicants may be issued only the 64-page passport booklet due to non-availability of ordinary passport for next few weeks. This situation is expected to last till the end of July 2014, by when supply of new booklets is expected from India. Inconvenience caused to the applicants is regretted,” it added.

The shortage is attributed to printing issues faced by the India Security Press which has stumbled on delivering adequate numbers of passports with the recently added security features.

The 64-page jumbo booklet is usually preferred by frequent fliers like businessmen. It costs Dh95 more than the regular passport with 36 pages, which is priced at Dh285. Besides, Dh10 will be charged as a contribution to the Indian Community Welfare Fund of the embassy, The services charges of BLS International, the agency that processes passport applications, could go up to Dh46.

Citing that this unexpected hike, which came at a time when many Indians would be renewing their passports in view of the summer vacation travel, may affect many applicants, mainly labourers, the community members have urged the missions to waive the difference in cost while issuing the jumbo booklet till the regular passports are made available.

However, Indian Ambassador to the UAE T. P. Seetharam told Khaleej Times that the missions were not in a position to reduce the price of the jumbo booklet which is almost double the size of the regular passport. “That will create problems in auditing,” he said.

“If they are in a position to wait till the new stock of passports arrives, applicants may do so. Or else, they will have to opt for the jumbo ones.

“This shortage in passport booklets is not something that has affected just the missions in the UAE. All Indian missions across the world have been affected.”

The Indian missions in the UAE, which serve over two million Indians in the country, together issue about 250,000 to 275,000 passports in a year with an average of 20, 000 to 23,000 booklets per month, according to embassy officials.

“Usually passports issued in Dubai or Abu Dhabi are delivered within a week after renewal, if there is no major issue with the verification procedures though the actual delivery time has been given as two weeks. But, now we are looking at a delay of about 20 to 23 days for these passports,” said an official.



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