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Useful Net links for Engineers
Posted By:jasmin On 10/13/2008


Mechanical & Chemical Engineering Software

http://www.chempute .com/ftp. htm -Download Engineering Software

http://www.coade.com/fpvelite. htm - Demo PVElite

http://www.coade. com/c2demo. htm - CAESAAR II Demo

http://www.coade. com/cwpipdemo_ reg.htm - CadWorx Demo/PIPE

http://www.microtec hno.net/cwpid. html - Demo P&ID CadWorx

http://www.chempute .com/ftp. htm - Chempute Download Page

http://gttserv. lth.rwth- aachen.de/ ~sp/tt/contrib/ vtt/csheet. htm - Chem. Sheet

www.structural- engineering. fsnet.co. uk Civil Software

http://www.unicade. com/cmax/ evalsoft. htm C-Max Piping Software

http://www.korf. co.uk/korf_ links.html - Demo Download Software

http://www.rccostel lo.com/fes. html Download free demo for gas

http://www.geocitie s.com/CapeCanave ral/1989/ axdownl.htm Shaft Design

www.strand7. com FEM software

http://www.optivess el.com/ Vessel Demo

http://www.cspec. com/support/ ASME Section IX Demo

http://www.asme. org/pro_dev/ modules/demo/ index.htm ASME Demo

http://www.devpipe. com.br/meio1i. htm Demo For Weld Layout Software

http://www.engineer s.com/engsoft. htm Lots Of Engineering Software

http://www.eng- tips.com/ glinks.cfm/ lev2/16/lev3/ 58/pid/378\ Various Links

http://www.woodweb. com/knowledge_ base/_Spreadshee t_Calculation_ Program.htmlExcel Spreadsheet for calculations

http://www.btconnec t.com/ -Spreadsheets for Structural Engineering - Free software

http://coplant.com/ Spec Finder

Thesis(Search By Department & Author)

http://scholar. lib.vt.edu/ theses/browse/ by_department/ m.html Thesis for Post Graduates

http://scholar. lib.vt.edu/ theses/available /etd-05152001- 134206/unrestric ted/etd.pdf

http://scholar. lib.vt.edu/ theses/available /etd-09242002- 123023/unrestric ted/Thesis_ Walid.pdf

http://www.me. gatech.edu/ me/theses/ index.html Thesis of Mechanical Post Graduates


http://www.fmtuevbv .de/download/ material% 20comparison% 20list.pdf

http://www.fmtuevbv .com/download/ Welding%20Table. pdf

http://www.sweethav en.com  -Welding Of Piping

http://www.goweldin g.btinternet. co.uk/asme4. htm -Welding Of Piping

http://www.qp. gov.sk.ca/ documents/ English/Regulati ons/Regulations/ SR61-78.pdf welding of BPV & Pressure Piping

http://www.standard .no/standard/ NORSOK_standards /2053/M-601. pdf?PHPSESSID= 80e90aaffbfdf740 2c469cf2fddd0238 -Welding & Inspection of piping

http://trc.ucdavis. edu/abt/ABT52/ ABT52LECTURES. pdf

http://www.goweldin g.com/wp/ links.htm# _Reference Sites

http://www.goweldin g.com/wp/ asme.htm

Valves & Pipe Fittings

http://www.ces. clemson.edu/ chemeng/undergra duate/uolab/ equipmen. htm  Basic Information for Process Equip. & Piping fitting

http://scholar. lib.vt.edu/ theses/available /etd-07192001- 124624/unrestric ted/

http://www.gidb. itu.edu.tr/ staff/sogut/ den322/Notes/ Valves.pdf  -Valve Types & Construction

http://www.pipingde sign.com/ pipingquestions. PDF -PIPING ENG. Q&A

http://www.crosbyva lves.com/ docnet/library/ enghnbk.pdf Safety Valve

http://www.crosbyva lves.com/ docnet/instrprod .asp  - Safety Valve

http://www.crosbyva lves.com/ docnet/pressprd. asp  - Safety Valve

http://www.crosbyva lves.com/ docnet/envirprd. asp  - Safety Valve

http://www.crosbyva lves.com/ docnet/nuclrprd. asp  - Safety Valve

http://www.pip. org - Search for Sample & get .PDF files for P&ID, Valve Specs etc.

http://www.uecnet. co.uk/Cryogenic. pdf  -Pipe Supports For Cryogenic Service.

http://www.hi. is/~magnusj/ ritverk/dac20012 .pdf - Seismic Approach in Piping

http://www.chemical processing. com/web_first/ cp.nsf/0/ 8625688C005A2497 8625691500502CEF ?OpenDocument - Piping Flexibility

http://www.pipestre ss.com/Pages/ PEpapers. html - pipe stress

http://www.engineer .ca/engineer/ pipingtutorial. htm – Piping Tutorial

http://www.pipingde sign.com/ ultragen. pdf -Piping Dynamic Stress Lecture

http://www.pipingde sign.com/ flanges.html Flange

http://www.pipingde sign.com/ fluids.html Process Fluid

http://www.herne.com/siteidx. htm Iron Pipe

Pressure Vessel

http://www.asme. org/education/ prodev/cdseries List Of the files Giving Overview of ASME Sections

http://www.driedger .ca/ce6_v&t/CE6_V&T.html Controlling Vessel & Tanks

http://www.llnl. gov/es_and_ h/hsm/doc_ 18.02/doc18- 02.html#4. 9.3 Pressure Vessel

http://www.mech. uwa.edu.au/ DANotes/pressVes sels/shells/ shells.html# top - Pressure Vessels Basics

http://www.safetyli ne.wa.gov. au/institute/ level2/course24/ lecture22/ l22_07.asp Pressure Vessels Basics

http://www.prentex. com/ptxglossary. html - Pressure Vessel Glossary

http://www.llnl. gov/es_and_ h/hsm/doc_ 18.02/doc18- 02.html Pressure Vessel

http://www.uscg. mil/HQ/MSC/ PRGuidance/ e1-19.pdf Guidelines for Review of Pressure Vessels

http://www.geocitie s.com/idequipos4 7/DaFi01In. htm Pressure Vessel Demo

http://www.caesoft. es/productos/ microtecno/ mtvess/Morfologi a_PV_de_recipien tes.pdf part pv

http://www.sfs. fi/standard/ 13445korjaukset3 /64_e_V06. pdf EN134445

http://www.tssa. org/boilers/ certification/ 3rd_class_ oe.pdf

http://www.btintern et.com/~goweldin g/ped-starter. pdf

http://www.disasuen gr.com/demodownload. html

http://www.goweldin g.com/pv/ square.pdf

http://www.goweldin g.com/pv/

Reference Sites

http://www.engineer ingtoolbox. com/6.html -Engineering Information

http://www.eng- tips.com -ENGINEER'S CLUB


http://www.engineer sedge.com/  -ENGINEERING INFORMATION DATABASE.

http://www.xcalcs. com  - ONLINE CALCULATION SITE for Load Calculation

http://www.pipingen gineer.com/  -PIPING INFORMATION SITE

http://www.copcoltd .com -ONLINE CALCULATION SITE

http://home. swipnet.se/ controlengineeri ng/flowcalc/ downloadfceng. htm Orifice Calculation site

http://ourworld. compuserve. com/homepages/ MJVanVoorhis/ techdata. htm

Machine Design

http://machinedesig n.com/ASP/ enggMechanical. asp?catId= 373

http://www.seas. upenn.edu/ ~meam540/ notes.html

http://www.pumpcent re.com/Public/ techart1/ corrosion1. pdf

http://www-personal .umich.edu/ ~jdokeh/me4182/index.html all about Mechanical Engineering Information site

Online Books

http://caltechbook. library.caltech. edu/archive/ 00000001/ 00/content. htm  Cavitation & Bubble Dynamics.

http://web.mit. edu/lienhard/ www/ahtt817. pdf Book for Heat Transfer

http://www.bhes. com/frbb0Home. htm Boiler Book Online

http://www.stanford .edu/~luical/ Books/me251a. pdf Fluid Mechanics

http://www.stanford .edu/~luical/ Books/me131b. pdf Fluid Dynamics

Pump & Motor

http://www.eng- software. com/kb/db/ files/1322/ kb1322-Pump% 20Selection. pdf  - Pump & Motor

http://website. lineone.net/ ~pumptech/ chemical- pumping-equipmen t/pump-selection .html Pumps.

http://www.pacificl iquid.com/ motorstartup. pdf Basics of Motor.

 http://www.cam. org/~jacobie/ equa1.htm - Pump basic Q&A

http://www.fluidede sign.com/ index-en. html - Pump

http://x-stream. fortunecity. com/laras/ 63/id19.htm - Rotodynamic Pump

http://fhaspapp. ittind.com/ askred/BGASKRED- RequestAllQandA2 .asp - faq

http://www.fristam. de/pdf/4uk. pdf Pump

http://www.pdhengin eer.com Comparison of CF & RC Pumps.

http://x-stream. fortunecity. com/laras/ 63/ Rotodynamic pump

http://www.mcnallyi nstitute. com/home- html/Technical_ paper_index. html Technical Papers About Pump

http://www.pricepum p.com/pumpschool /Column_With_ Contents. htm PUMP BASICS

http://www.pump- magazine. com/articles/ articles_ summary.htm PUMP Articles

http://www.ipfonlin e.com/content/ archive/PumpsVal ves/TechnologyUp dates/TU13052002 6.jsp Pump

http://www.cheresou rces.com/ centrifugalpumps b1.pdf Pump Cavitation

http://www.cheresou rces.com/ centrifugalpumps 2.shtml Pump Cavitation

http://www.driedger .ca/ce1_cp/ CE1_CP.html CONTROLLING CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS

http://www.driedger .ca/ce2_pdp/ CE2_PDP.html CONTROLLING POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT PUMPS

http://www.fristam. de/frz/litera. html Pump Basics.

http://www.colorado .edu/engineering /ASEN/asen5519/ 1999-Files/ 28student- present1. htm




http://www.grc. nasa.gov/ WWW/K-12/ airplane/ powturb.html  -Information About Turbines.

http://www.revak. com/b_davis. htm - Steam Turbine

http://www.dresser- rand.com/ e-tech/PDF% 20Files/tp002. pdf - Steam Turbine

http://www.rose- hulman.edu/ ~luic/Winter- 2002/index. html – Fluid & Thermal System

Heat Exchanger

http://www.hyprotec h.com/stx/ shell_tube. asp -Heat Exchanger Terminology

http://www.cbu. edu/~rprice/ lectures/ stcalcs.html -Heat Exchanger

www.mae.ncsu. edu/courses/ mae412/gonzalez/ Lecture%2003% 20-%20Heat% 20Exchangers% 202.ppt

http://www.apiheatt ransfer.com/ pdf/Technical/ Basic%20Construc tion%20of% 20Shell%20Tube% 20Heat%20Exchang ers.pdf Basic Construction of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

http://www.prode. com/en/home. htm HX

http://www.driedger .ca/ce3_stx/ CE3_STX.html CONTROLLING SHELL AND TUBE EXCHANGERS

http://www.cbu. edu/~rprice/ lectures/

http://idol. union.edu/ ~rogersj/ lectures/

http://www.mae. ncsu.edu/ courses/mae412/ gonzalez/

Cooling Tower

http://www.ctdoc. com/Contents. html - Cooling Tower Basics

http://www.ctdoc. com/Contents. html - Cooling Tower Basics

Fire & Safety

http://www.nfpa. org/codesonline/ Online Glossary By National Fire Council

http://www.lbl. gov/ehs/pub3000/ pub3000c. html - Safety & Health Manual

http://www.firehydr ant.org/info/ index.html - Hydrant System Design, Installation, Testing, and Maintenance


http://www.twi. co.uk/j32k/ protected/ band_3/ksndt003. html#tag1 - Ultrasonic Testing

http://www.ndt. net/wshop/ quiz/qz_th2. htm - Site for Non Destructive Testing Methods

http://www.cksconsu lting.com/ NDTestPapers/ TestPaper. asp _ NDT Test Paper


http://www.cepimixe rs.com/plantpart s/pdfs/conveyors .pdf - Conveyers

http://www.continen talconveyor. com/Catalogs/ CEMA%20B. PDF –conveyer

http://www.eng. uts.edu.au/ ~johnd/

http://www.engr. usask.ca/ classes/ABE/ 462/notes. html

http://www.kcat. zaq.ne.jp/ jasper/meca/ spring/index. html

Spring Selector Software

http://www.tech. plym.ac.uk/ sme/tutorials/ FMTut/StressInte nsity/Solutions/ Solution14. htm calc. Stress Intensity factor

http://www.mece. ualberta. ca/Courses/ Lecture in mechanical engg,

http://www.tech. plym.ac.uk/ sme/tutorials/ FMTut/StressInte nsity/Solutions/ Solution15. htm - SIF

http://www.tech. plym.ac.uk/ sme/tutorials/ FMTut/Fatigue/ Questions/ Problem3. htm - fatigue

http://www.pipingde sign.com/ glossary. html Glossary

http://www.key- to-steel. com/ViewArticle. asp?ID=94 charpy v notch test

http://www.engin. brown.edu/ courses/En175/ notes.htm fea

http://www.mech. uq.edu.au/ courses/mech3300 /index/lecture_ notes/

http://www.uwplatt. edu/~mirth/ me3040ch9. htm Material Science

http://www.engin. brown.edu/ courses/en224/ notes.htm Linear Elasticity

http://www.engin. brown.edu/ courses/ Civil, Cad-Cam, Mechanical, Instrumentation Lectures


http://www.seas. upenn.edu/ ~meam100/ handouts/ Thermo.pdf Thermo I.C. Engine

http://www.seas. upenn.edu/ ~meam100/ handouts/ dynamics. pdf I.C. Engine

http://www.seas. upenn.edu/ ~meam100/ handouts/ ice

http://www.seas. upenn.edu/ ~meam100/ handouts/ Cars.xls


http://www.me. uvic.ca/~ mech410/Tut2000i 2/Proe2000i2_ 1.pdf

http://athena. mne.ksu.edu/ classes/ME300/ HomeWork/ Homework. htm ProE

http://www.seas. upenn.edu/~meam100/  Proe

http://www.kks. zcu.cz/podklady/ PROE/proe- lectures/ Learn Proe

http://www.me. uvic.ca/~ mech410/proe_ tutorials. html Proe Database With Pro Mechanica

http://www2. ncsu.edu: 8010/unity/ lockers/project/ graphicscourse/ gc/proetut/ proetut-home. html

http://www2. ncsu.edu: 8010/unity/ lockers/project/ graphicscourse/ gc/proetut/ proetut1. html

http://www.dmi. stevens-tech. edu/~thom/ ProE_Tutorial_ Beginner_ Chapter2. pdf

http://www.mech. nwu.edu/proe/ toc.htm

http://www.dmi. stevens-tech. edu/~thom/

http://engnet. anu.edu.au/ DEcourses/

http://engnet.anu.edu.au/DEcourses/engn2225/ENGN2225_ main.html

http://www.me. udel.edu/ meeg401/

http://me.udel. edu/meeg401/ 03/resources. html

http://www.me. udel.edu/ meeg401/01/

http://www.mech. nwu.edu/proe/ intro.htm

http://www-mae. engr.ucf. edu/links. html

http://eng.sdsu. edu/profs/ Bhattacharjee/ sooby/classes/ me350/classnotes /


http://www.csa. ru/CSA/CADS/ docs/ansys/ tut2/

http://www.mece. ualberta. ca/Courses/ mec563/

http://www.me. umn.edu/courses/ me5348/ansys. html

http://www.csa. ru/CSA/CADS/ docs/ansys/ tut1/ansys. html

http://140.110. 4.17/~c00msl00/ ansyshelp/ Hlp_UI_Tutorials .html

http://www.me. umn.edu/courses/ me5348/topent. html

http://www.cen. uiuc.edu/ ews/software/ tutorial/ ansys.html

http://instruct1. cit.cornell. edu/courses/ ansys/truss/ step10.htm

http://instruct1. cit.cornell. edu/courses/ ansys/


http://groups. google.com/ groups?hl= en&safe=off&group=comp.cad. solidworks

http://www.ex. ac.uk/~sritchie/ hydro/lecturenot es/Solidworks% 20-%20An% 20Introduction. pdf



http://www.ex. ac.uk/~sritchie/ hydro/lecturenot es/

http://www.hut. fi/~penttila/ cadbasics97/

http://www.tulane. edu/~spjacobs/ cad/

http://www.cis. strath.ac. uk/~dunc/ cdrom/archives/ ay1997/teaching/ cad/tutorials/ index.html

http://csg.lcs. mit.edu/~ devadas/6. 373/lectures/

http://www.cs. ucf.edu/~ moshell/CAP4021/

http://www.me. uvic.ca/~ mech410/


http://www.media. mit.edu/physics/ pedagogy/ fab/cad/

http://www.owlnet. rice.edu/ ~mech403/ ideas_7/demo_ Ideas.html Demo Files

http://www.owlnet. rice.edu/ ~mech403/ ideas_7/

http://www.owlnet. rice.edu/ ~mech517/ books_new.html FEA Book

http://www.owlnet. rice.edu/ ~mech403/ HelpFiles/ help.htm Help Files

http://www.owlnet. rice.edu/ ~mech403/ Fortran_90/ OOP_w_F90_book.htm  Book

http://www.owlnet. rice.edu/ ~mech517/ F90_docs/ tables.pdf


http://www.owlnet. rice.edu/ ~mech403/ Matlab/matlabfil es.html MatLab Files

http://www.mathwork s.com/products/ education/ Metlab

http://www.mit. edu/people/ abbe/matlab/ main.html


http://www.uwplatt. edu/~mirth/

http://www.cs. berkeley. edu/~sequin/ CS285/ Solid Modeling

http://w3.mech. uwa.edu.au/ ~petitj01/ downloads/ CAD/SE_assembly_ tutorial_ p2.htm Solid Edge Assembly Tutorial

http://w3.mech. uwa.edu.au/ ~petitj01/ downloads/ CAD/

http://rzhome. rrze.uni- erlangen. de/~gsrs01/ solid/otmar/ se_excel/ Tut-ExcelSE. pdf

http://www.eng. buffalo.edu/ Courses/MAE412/ schedule. html


http://www.svce. ac.in/~msubbu/ FM-WebBook/

http://www.indiana. edu/~cheminfo/ 400lecnt. html

http://www.indiana. edu/~cheminfo/ 400toc.html

http://www.svce. ac.in/~msubbu/ LectureNotes/ FluidMechanics/ index.htm

http://www.svce. ac.in/~msubbu/ LectureNotes/

http://chemeng. uah.edu/courses/ che446sp99/

http://chemeng. uah.edu/courses/

http://www.eng. buffalo.edu/ Courses/ce304/ LecNotes. html

http://www.chem. cmu.edu/courses/ 09-106/notes/

http://www.angelfir e.com/ks2/ techos2k/ chem.html

What is a Chemical Engineer
History of Chemical and Process Engineering
Dimensionless Numbers
Fundamental Physical Constants
Gas Law Constant
Process Services Study Notes
SI Prefixes
The Constants and Equations Page
The Physics and Chemical Laws list
Conversion Factors
General Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engg. Course Notes from WSU
Crude Oil- Volume - Weight - Flowrate Conversion Factors
Process Associates of America Process Tools
Sheet Metal Thickness
Power Stations
http://webbook. nist.gov/ chemistry/

Chemical Reaction Engineering

Chemical Reaction Engineering Lectures
Chemical Engineering Reactor Kinetics
Chemical Equilibrium
Chemical Reactions - Notes from ChemTutor
CRE - Frequently Asked Questions
CRE Lecture Notes
Design of Combustion Facilities
Download papers on combustion systems
Heterogeneous Catalysis

Fluid Mechanics

Boundary Layer Applets
Boundary Layer Flow
Boundary Layers
CFD Resources Online
Compressible Aerodynamics Calculator
FM Lecture Notes from Quuens University
FAQ on Pumps and Fluid Systems
Flow rate through Venturi pipe free calculator
Fluid Flow Calculator
Fluid Mechanics Demonstrations
Fluid Mechanics Hall of Fame
Fluid Mechanics Lecture Notes from UBC
Fluid Mechanics Material from California IOC
Fluids Mechanics Movie Archive
Gallery of Fluid Mechanics
Introduction to Continuum Mechanics
Introduction to Rheology
Journal of Rheology Rheology Nomenclature
Lecture Notes from University of Leeds
FM Lecture Notes and Handouts in Pdf format
Lecture Notes from University of Iowa
Numerical methods for 1D compressible flows
Online Duct Friction Loss and Velocity Pressure Calculation
On-Line Friction Piping Loss
On-Line Pump System Design
Pipe Properties
Process Pumps & Filtration On-Line
Reynolds Number Calculator
Rheology - Main Page
Self-Study Material on Fluid Mechanics
Solved Problems in Fluid Mechanics
The Colorful Fluid Mixing Gallery
The Internet Glossary of Pumps
Tube Properties
The Pissing Bucket Some Real-World Fluid Mechanics

Solid Fluid Operations (SFO)

Chemical Engineering Separations - Notes
Cyclone Separators
Engineering Aspects in Solid Liquid Separation
Ion Exchange
Membrane Separation Processes
Separation Processes - Lecture Notes
Standard Sieve Sizes


Basic Chemical Thermodynamics
Advanced Thermodynamic Problems
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Notes
CET Notes

Heat Transfer

An Introduction to Pinch Technology - http://ginusss. eresmas.com
Alternative Uses of Heat Transfer Enhancement      http://www.onesmart click.com/ engineering/ heat-transfer. html
Cooling Towers Design and Operation Considerations
Correlations for Convective Heat Transfer
Fundamentals of Heat Transfer Tutorial
Heat conduction
Heat Exchanger Fouling Factors
Heat Exchanger Network Design
Heat Exchangers Design Examples
Heat Exchanger Network Design
Step by Step Pinch Technolgy
HeatTransfer Basics
Making Decisions with Insulation
OA Guide to Hypothermia & Cold Weather Injuries

Mass Transfer Operations (MTO)/ Transport Phenomena (TP)

 Adsorption Phenomena
 Step by Step McCabe-Thile Distillation
 Continous Liquid Liquid Extraction
 Development of distillation tray efficiency model
 Diffusion Processes
 Distillation Calculation McCabe-Thiele Method
 Distillation Simulation - Tutorial
 Distillation Theory And Practice
 Energy Conservation in Distillation
 In Depth Look at Extractive Distillation
 Introduction to Distillation
 Introduction to Mass Transfer Operations
 Introduction to Trays
 Online Calculator for Distillation Column Design
 Overview of Distillation Process
 Smith John French's Art of Distillation
 The Rayleigh Equation
 Tower Sizing and Pricing
 Trays, in more detail
Transport Phenomena Lecture Notes

http://www.ntu. edu.sg/home/ asjqiu/me/ ME303.HTM# outline

http://www.engin. umich.edu/ class/me481/

http://www2. lib.udel. edu/subj/ mee/internet. htm

http://eyrie. shef.ac.uk/ will/

http://www.ijee. dit.ie/articles/ Vol14-3/

http://www.ciw. uni-karlsruhe. de/chem-eng. html

http://www.teluspla net.net/public/ jcarroll/ LINKS.HTM

http://www.mnsi. net/~pas/ brochure. htm

Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO)

Chemistry & Industry Home Page

Historyof ChEn: Timeline

The World-Wide Web VirtualLibrary: Chemical Engineering


CERAMICS: FraunhoferInstitute

CHEMICAL ENGINEERING: Universityof Florida

'Chemical Engineering Magazine'

CHEMISTRY: University of California

CONTROL ENGINEERING: CambridgeUniversity



FLUID MECHANICS: Universityof Colorado


Steel On the Web

MATERIALS: Clarkson Instituteof Technology

PROCESS ENGINEERING: Universityof Karlsruhe

TECHNICAL: Enterprise Integration Network

Pollard Highway Products

AMM Online

Hazardous Materials Management Magazine(http://www.hazmatma g.com/)

http://www.engineer s.com/calculator .htm Free Calculators

http://www.seas. upenn.edu/ ~meam540/ notes.html

Vibration & Lubrication

http://www.mengr. tamu.edu: 70/mechanics- systems/lsanandr es/me334/ notes/Handout1. pdf

http://www.mengr. tamu.edu: 70/mechanics- systems/lsanandr es/me334/ notes/default. htm

http://www.mengr. tamu.edu: 70/mechanics- systems/lsanandr es/me617/ notes/default. htm

http://www.mengr. tamu.edu: 70/mechanics- systems/lsanandr es/me626/ notes/default. htm

http://aqua. tvrl.lth. se/rolf/LEC- 12UK.pdf

http://othello. mech.nwu. edu/courses/ c403/

http://aqua. tvrl.lth. se/rolf/LEC- 15UK.pdf

http://aqua. tvrl.lth. se/rolf/LEC- 13UK.pdf

http://aqua. tvrl.lth. se/rolf/LEC- 14UK.pdf

http://aqua. tvrl.lth. se/rolf/LEC- 16UK.pdf

http://aqua. tvrl.lth. se/rolf/LEC- 10UK.pdf

http://aqua. tvrl.lth. se/rolf/LEC- 11UK.pdf

http://aqua. tvrl.lth. se/rolf/LEC- 17UK.pdf

http://aqua. tvrl.lth. se/rolf/LEC- 18UK.pdf

Material Science & Metallurgy

http://www.mae. cornell.edu/ zabaras/Courses/ MAE612/MAE612. html#lectures METALLURGY

http://www.vikramna ndaiit.punjabilo k.net/techno. html WIDE RESORCE IN MECHANICAL ENGG & METALLURGY

http://www.mae. cornell.edu/ zabaras/Courses/ ENGRD221/ ENGRD221. html THERMO DYNAMICS

http://www.mae. cornell.edu/ zabaras/Courses/ MAE212/mae212. html METALLURGY

http://www.mae. cornell.edu/ zabaras/Courses/ MAEFEM/maeFEM. html FEM

http://www.mae. cornell.edu/ zabaras/Courses/ MAEFEM/maeFEM. html FEM

http://www.msm. cam.ac.uk/ Teaching/ online.html METALLURGY

http://www.cus. cam.ac.uk/ ~jae1001/

http://psdam. mit.edu/2. 000/project. html PROJECT

http://psdam. mit.edu/2. 000/lectures. html MECHANICAL LECTURE

http://www.physics. syr.edu/courses/ PHY101.03Fall/ lectures/ PHYSICS & THERMO & ELECTRICAL

http://www.eng. ox.ac.uk/ ~ftgamk/teach. html


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Career Counselling
Date Title Posted By
3/1/2018 11:07:40 PMமன முதிர்ச்சி என்றால் என்ன?peer
1/19/2018 8:24:53 AMஸ்ட்ரெஸ் தானா போயிடும்Hajas
10/31/2017 3:21:50 AMஒரு ஓட்டுநர், உதவிப் பேராசிரியராய் வளர்ந்தார்.Hajas
12/13/2016 1:43:24 AMதயக்கத்தை உடை......... தலைநிமிர்....... பகுதி 2Hajas
12/13/2016 1:20:52 AMதயக்கத்தை உடை………… தலைநிமிர்………………….. பகுதி1Hajas
6/20/2014 9:51:29 AMகேம்பஸ் இன்டர்வியூக்கள்... வரமா... மாயவலையா?Hajas
6/9/2014 2:07:37 PMநீங்கள் எந்தத் தொழிலுக்கு ஏற்றவர்? கண்டுபிடிக்கும் சூட்சுமங்கள்!Hajas
6/3/2014 7:27:06 AMசட்டம் படித்தால் உச்சம் தொடலாம்!Hajas
5/11/2014 10:32:17 AMபிளஸ் 2 படித்து முடித்த மாணவர்களுக்கும், பெற்றோர்களுக்கும்!!Hajas
5/5/2014 5:27:56 AMமருத்துவ படிப்பு புரோக்கர்கள் - பெற்றோர்களே உஷார்!Hajas
5/3/2014 7:57:21 AMபொறியியல் மோகம்! 'இன்ஜினீயரிங் படிச்சிட்டா வேலைவாய்ப்பு?Hajas
2/28/2014 8:54:21 AMதாழ்வு மனப்பான்மையை போக்க சில வழிகள்...!Hajas
12/16/2013 1:07:43 AMCareers in banking, insuranceHajas
11/24/2013 2:45:50 AMஆருயிர் மைந்தனுக்கு அன்னையின் அழகிய வழிகாட்டுதல்!peer
6/8/2013எம்.பி.ஏ., - இனியும் இதுவோர் மந்திர சொல் அல்ல...Hajas
2/22/2012'மனப்பாடம்' செய்யாதீர்கள்...'மனப்படம் செய்யுங்கள்!Hajas
12/14/2011இன்டர்வியூவில் கேட்கப்படும் கேள்விகளின் வகைகள்ganik70
11/24/2011Law of the Garbage TruckHajas
5/30/2010திருநெல்வேலி மாவட்டத்தில் உள்ள கல்லூரிகள் பட்டியல்Hajas
5/17/2010+2வுக்கு அப்புற‌ம் ---- வ‌ழிகாட்டிganik70
5/7/2010Scholarship for Poor Children who completed 10th stdmeerafairoz
3/17/2010IAS, IPS இலவசமாகப் படிக்கலாம்!ganik70
3/11/2010வாழ்க்கைப் பாடம்‏Hajas
3/1/2010PCC-Police Clearance Certificate பெறுவது எப்படிHajas
1/15/2010தமிழக அரசு ஆட்டோ கடன் திட்டம்Hajas
8/2/2009திருந்தினால் திரை விலகும்.....!Hajas
7/16/2009Career Path FinderHajas
4/5/2008LIFE IS A THEATERHajas
2/2/2008HR Interview QuestionsHajas
12/29/2007To Improve English Knowledge.Hajas
10/3/2007Keeping your work and life balanceHajas
9/29/2007List of Organisations offering Scholarships to studentsHajas
9/27/2007வழிகாட்டி: படித்துக் கொண்டே வேலை செய்யலாījasmin
9/1/200710 PRINCIPLESHajas
8/11/2007Put the glass downHajas
4/28/2007Want to become a Chartered Accountant?Hajas
4/4/2007The Optimist CreedHajas
2/25/2007Treat us with respectpeer
2/6/2007Seven Ways to Stay Motivated at Workpeer
1/30/2007Planning Aheadpeer
12/23/2006Top 10 Super Job Interview TipsHajas
12/21/2006Saudi Arabia's Job Market Some FACTSHajas
12/15/2006Tell About Youself ?Hajas
9/22/2006Tips for Happy working.Hajas
6/7/2006The Top Ten Strategies of A Great InterviewHajas
3/17/2006The manners of conversationpeer
10/3/2005Group Discussionkhalid
2/22/2005Why do talented employees leave companies?peer
11/22/2004Interview Preparationsbastinfdo
11/10/2004Plan your interview Research your new employerbastinfdo
11/1/2004Take Care of Yourselfpeer
10/13/2004Call of the seas - Careers in Merchant Navypeer
10/13/2004A career in creativity - Interior Designpeer
9/28/2004Guidelines for a Muslim Businessmanpeer
9/28/2004Guidelines for students and parents on selecting a career path:peer
9/20/2004Five Steps To Effective Delegationbastinfdo
9/4/2004The Businessmanpeer
8/9/2004Common Interview Questionspeer
3/16/2004Lessons in life; Azim Premji of Wipropeer
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