Driver killed and five injured in multi-vehicle Dubai crash

Posted by S Peer Mohamed (peer) on 10/28/2022 9:33:33 AM

A motorist was killed and five others injured in a Dubai crash involving two lorries, a bus and three other vehicles.

The fatal incident took place on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road on Thursday morning.

It occurred after traffic was obstructed by a minor accident between one of the lorries and a number of other vehicles.

Police said the failure of road users to maintain a safe distance contributed to the collision.

“We dispatched patrols after receiving a report about the major accident between two lorries and four vehicles on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road after Al Rashidiya Bridge,” said Maj Gen Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei, Director of Dubai police’s Traffic Department.

He said one driver died at the scene and five other people sustained minor to moderate injuries.

“Failing to maintain a safe distance, a lorry coming from the back crashed into a bus in front of it then kept driving and collided with another lorry loaded with cement and bricks,” said the senior officer.

“Not leaving a safe distance between one’s car and the car in front of them is a reckless and irresponsible behaviour.”

The crash led to severe congestion on several Dubai roads, stretching to Sharjah.

Maj Gen Al Mazrouei urged motorists to abide by safety rules in place to protect lives.

He reminded drivers that failing to maintain a safe distance — also known as tailgating — can lead to a Dh400 fine and four black points on a licence.

Between January and September of this year 538 accidents caused by tailgating in Dubai killed 10 people and injured 367 others.

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