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On 14th Oactober, 2005
(10th of Ramadan, 1426 hijiri) a group of caring brothers met in Dubai and vowed to change the community of Eruvadi as a community of highly educated elite. Though this is a Himalayan task it was felt that a journey of thousand miles starts with a single step. Keeping this in mind, putting the faith in Almighty, they vowed to carry it further and to achieve the goals and beyond. Thus Nellai Eruvadi Educational Association (NEEA) was born.

For the past two years NEEA's performance had been impressive, Around 7 students have been benefited and benefitting. Currently 2 engineering students and 1 polytechnic student are benefitting from NEEA.

NEEA had also held educational awareness meeting in the past and also distributed pamphlets highlighting the importance of education in Eruvadi.

NEEA keeps constant touch with Eruvadi Boys' Government High School Headmaster, teachers, and parents-teachers association. Our representative in Eruvadi is P. Jamal Mohideen (Jamal Sir, Puthukkudi).

Those who wish to be part of this generous task can contact NEEA office bearers or our representative in Eruvadi.

  1. Change Eruvadi into 100% literate.
  2. Future IAS and IPS from Eruvadi.
  3. Eruvadi community to be highly educated elites.
  1. Create educational awareness among Eruvadians.
  2. Career counselling and career guidance.
  3. Because of financial burden:
    i. No student should drop school
    ii. No able student should drop college.
    iii. No talented student should drop higher college.
  4. Prepare eligible Eruvadi students for IAS and IPS examinations.
Students Qualification / Conditions:
  • The student must have scored reasonably good marks in 10th and or 12th standard.
  • The student willing to benefit should fill the application form (available from the representative or download).
  • The completed form should be submitted to the representative.
  • The approval for financial help is subject to the decision of executive members of this association.
  • If the student benfits and starts earning he/she may return the financed amount on installment basis (so that others can benefit).
Office Bearers

Mohamed Rafiq (President): (00971-50-6429360)
Sayed Mohideen (Treasurer: (00971-50-6769902)
Peer Mohamed (Secretary): (00971-50-5656624)